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Additive Part Design is a 3D printing engineering design consulting service. We provide engineering solutions geared towards replacement parts for anything where a custom design can do the job. This includes parts from commercial drones to general solutions for manufacturing environments. Every service provided is executed by the owner and operator. Need a quick prototype printed? I can do that. Need a parametric computer model of your part created? I can do that. Need a quick and dirty print with full GD&T? I can do that too. If your solution can be completed in plastic I am here to help. We have recently partnered with White Graphics in Lombard IL ( and will be the go to 3D printing support service for packaging prototypes.

About the engineer

My name is Mike Skrzypczak(scrip-check) I graduated the University of Iowa in 2009 with a bachelors in mechanical engineering with minors in business and mathematics. I have over 10 years of engineering experience in testing and manufacturing environments creating products ranging from aerospace components to kitchen gadgets. I pride myself in having extensive knowledge of how things work and effective ways to build them. I currently work as an engineer for an affiliate of a fortune 500 company where I solve problems creating new components for equipment facing obsolescence. My goal with this site is to explore novel problems that can be solved using mechanical design in conjunction with 3D printing/additive manufacturing and to post about them.